October Program – Betsy Morgan

Loudoun Sampler Guild member Betsy Morgan is back with a new etui and six darling ‘smalls’ to go inside it.  The set is called “This One’s for Betty,” in honor of the late Betty Whiting Flemming.   Betty was a founding member of the Loudoun Sampler Guild and mentor to Betsy.

This is the first of a two-part class. The first class will be the Elizabethean Pin Cushion. It requires at least 5 hours of pre-stitching, runs about 4 hours and will be taught only once. 

The rest of the Etu set will be taught July 9, 2011, our regularly scheduled meeting date.  This class will also require pre-stitching.  You must have the pin cushion completed prior to the July class.


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