Tennessee Sampler Survey

The Betty Whiting Flemming Grant Fund of the Loudoun Sampler Guild has supported the Tennessee Sampler Survey, so our members may be interested in an update on that organization.  The Tennessee Sampler Survey was founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2004. Its mission is to document and preserve Tennessee’s needlework heritage, including includes documenting Tennessee samplers made prior to 1900. As of May 2010, they had located 215 samplers, 159 of which can be proven as Tennessean.

Most of the samplers have been photographed and posted on the Tennessee Sampler Survey web site (http://www.tennesseesamplers.com/exhibit.php), along with information about the stitcher, the sampler  and the region it comes from.

The website also shows products for sale, including the first reproduction sampler from the collection.  It’s called Mary Elizabeth Kirkpatrick and dates to 1854.  Also available are packs of sampler note cards.  http://www.tennesseesamplers.com/products.php



The Loudoun Sampler Guild is a group of sampler enthusiasts based in northern Virginia. We meet monthly for lectures, needlework classes and workshops, and field trips.

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