Needlework at Large: Natalie Richards

Another in a series of posts about embroidery that’s not strictly in the sampler tradition.

Natalie Richards is a California craftwoman:  “Natalie’s current works focus on the creation of original hand-crafted textiles.   She receives inspiration for designs from her surroundings (a koi pond and water  garden in her backyard), travel, music, and most recently – artists from the   period. Her recent work includes a combination of several disciplines and interests  including: fabric, embroidery and painting. The disciplines for each media are   combined to create landscapes, botanical studies, and fine art. Subjects and  colors within her needle art remain rooted in Arts & Crafts principles,   and each piece is completed by hand.” (from her website:

This is her Water Lily Pillow worked in perle cotton thread on Pasadena Flax using satin stitch, stem stitch, long and short stitch, French knots, and including areas of padded embroidery.


In addition to finished pices, Natalie offers embroidery kits with linen marked with her designs.  Here is a photo of her Star Gazed Kit, selling for $60.




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