Mystery Sampler Progress

Have we started the summer doldrums a bit early this year?  Lower attendance than usual at the June meeting of the Loudoun Sampler Guild, so we only have five new photos of the Mystery Sampler to show here.

But even with just five, the tremendous variety is apparent in the choice of fabric, threads and variations in the designs.  It reminds me of the long-time Washington Post Magazine feature “Second Glance” in which readers are asked to find the differences between two photographs.

Next month there will be even more opportunity to personalize these projects.  Betsy Morgan and Pamela Darney will teach a class on designing one’s one band.

mys1 mys2 mys3 mys4 mys5



The Loudoun Sampler Guild is a group of sampler enthusiasts based in northern Virginia. We meet monthly for lectures, needlework classes and workshops, and field trips.

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