Mystery Sampler at the Halfway Point

We’re about at the halfway mark on our yearlong Mystery Sampler project. Members gathered Saturday to share their work so far. To each her own pace: some members are all caught-up — others are just getting started. To recap, these are the bands so far (descriptions based on the original designs, before members’ individual variations):

Band 1: A traditional house or birdhouse
Band 2: Bargello
Band 3: The Four Seasons in Virginia
Band 4a: Acorns in double-running stitch
Band 4b: Triple flowers
Band 5: Honeysuckle vine

Each month we are dazzled by the creativity of our stitchers. Here’s the latest show-and-tell:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Betsy and Pamela discussed ideas for Band 6 “Design Your Own”. One of the slides above shows Betsy’s own design, incorporating an American flag and motifs representing other areas of her personal heritage (Welsh, Scottish, etc.) Betsy and Pam suggested that stitchers consider band themes based on:
– your heritage
– your favorite thing(s)
– your family
– needlework/sampler (favorite style, stitch, technique)
– motifs that are meaningful to you
– color
– alphabet, initials

And finally, Pamela introduced her design for Band 7: A Quaker Panel.

Our next regular meeting is September 14 — we will all be eager to see what each other does with these latest bands.


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  1. 1 July 16, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Is there such a thing today as an original sampler? I like to design and stitch samplers and have entered several needlework shows. My designs are not considered original because motifs often come from other samplers. I find it quite frustrating. To me, an original is one of a kind. I have entered and won at shows such as Woodlawn, Calloway, and at the exhibits you have sponsored at Oak Plantation (not sure of the name). Some of you may remember a piece I entered there in 1998 or 99….a retirement piece depicting my husbands military career. I love your newsletter and would join your group if I lived there. Thanks for any help. Keep the samplers king! Kelley Cook

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