Needlework Events at Woodlawn

Woodlawn has announced the events happening during the 2020 Needlework Exhibition in March. Some of the topics, including a talk by Catherine Jordan on needlework maps, and the Shenandoah Tapestry are familiar to Loudoun Sampler Guild members, while others are farther afield:

  • Poplin, Lawn & Whipcord: The Fiber Art of Roxana Geffen
  • Strong Women: Embroidery on Photograph Workshop with The Comptoir
  • Crafting Dissent, Crafting Democracy: A Storied Tradition
  • Crochet Handcraft Workshop: Suffragist Emoji Crafting with Hinda Mandell
  • Painting with Wool – Needle Felting Workshop with Dani Ives
  • Found Objects and Family Influences
  • A Single Thread: Highlighting the Power of Cathedral Needlework

Details about dates, time and registration can be found at Woodlawn’s website:

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